WM Course 2 – Job Analysis and Job Classification


This course includes an important aspect of workforce management, that of job analysis and classification.  Workforce management is highly dependent on hiring and having the right person in the right position.  Job analysis and job classification allow the court leader to understand the needed knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) for a job. Familiarity with the KSAs, job tasks, and the frequency and nature of tasks, provides a court leader with the understanding to seek and appoint the right candidate in the right position.   Knowing about each job underpins recruitment, interviewing, selection, and appointment of workforce members.  In this course there are three main areas – modules- we will be covering:

  • The role of job analysis and classification,
  • Methods and ways to collect information for job analysis and classification, and
  • How data and information obtained from job analysis and classification is used.




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