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A micro course is a small block of content designed to teach one, focused skill. If a book were an entire course, a micro-course would be one chapter.​

Most tasks involve a combination of competencies (skills) and knowledge.
Take learning to send an email, for example. You need the skills to turn on the computer, log in to your email, and write a coherent message. You also need knowledge of the email address and the message you want to communicate. To successfully send an email, you need to integrate this knowledge and skills.

“Learning is a process that leads to change, which occurs as a result of experience and increases the potential for improved performance and future learning”

(Ambrose et al, p. 5)

At eDevLearn we break skills into their component parts. Then we design micro courses to help you master component skills before building up to more complex processes and ideas.

Elements of Mastery

How learning works: Seven research-based principles for smart teaching. 2010

An eDevLearn micro course is a short course that teaches a focused skill. Each course is targeted, efficient, relevant and effective.
eDevLearn micro-courses use scientifically backed research to enhance learning outcomes, enable achievement, and enhance retention.

An eDevLearn Digital Badge is a credential the learner earns after completing an eDevLearn micro-course. A digital badge is an online, visual representation of a competency. It is a great way to display your learned skills to current and potential employers or clients. You can post it on your LinkedIn profile, resume or professional bio.

A standard eDevLearn micro-course should take about an hour to complete. It usually contains 4 modules. Each module includes a 2-8 minute video(s) followed by a 4 or 5 question quiz. You must achieve an 80% or better to move on to the next module. At the end of an eDevLearn micro-course you will earn a digital badge and CE credit, if applicable.

eDevLearn creates quality online, competency based, customized learning experiences. We want to help organizations improve productivity and efficiency, to ultimately increase profitability. Our courses are targeted, relevant, efficient and use scientifically backed online teaching processes to increase the effectiveness of the learning experience.​

eDevLearn micro-courses are for professionals and learners. We believe organizations are at their most efficient when everyone can work to their highest potential. We believe this is only possible if all employees have up-to-date knowledge and skills. If an association would like to provide customized training solutions for members eDevLearn can design, develop and provide courses and programs to not only attract new members, but also meet your training and education needs.


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