Court Administration

eDevLearn and the CourtLeader team have joined forces to deliver quality, online, self-paced professional development micro-courses, based on the National Association for Court Management’s (NACM) CORE competencies. With a commitment and passion for the field of court administration, coupled with the belief that lifelong learning enhances an individual, optimizes a team, strengthens an organization, and enriches society, we are working with experts in the field of court administration to develop and deliver affordable and accessible high-quality online learning opportunities to you.


Court administration is a unique profession, with a foundation that is unlike any other discipline. The duties of court administrators are diverse and differ based on location, jurisdiction, and size of the court. One thing, however, remains constant, court leaders “ensure the delivery of justice through the effective and efficient management of a court and its complex infrastructure and processes, including its interdependent relationships with the other branches of government, the criminal and civil justice systems, and the diverse publics it serves.”

While court administrators require a knowledge of the purposes and responsibilities of courts,  they also require a specialized and unique set of skills that range from general management skills to jury management to fiscal administration to managing caseflow. NACM developed a set of CORE competencies that define the learning needs of a court manager or leader across the court’s mission, function, and responsibilities. These CORE competencies are intended to promote excellence in the administration of justice and court management.

While the premise and foundation of courts have not changed, the field of court administration and the unique challenges court leaders face evolves daily. Lifelong learning and continuous professional development have been a cornerstone of the court administration profession and eDevLearn and CourtLeader are eager to create learning opportunities that are affordable and accessible to all.

NACM CORE Competencies

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Court Governance
  • Purposes and Responsibilities
  • Public Trust and Confidence
  • Caseflow and Workflow
  • Operations Management
  • Public Relations
  • Educational Development
  • Workforce Management
  • Ethics
  • Budget and Fiscal Management
  • Accountability and Court Performance

We welcome you to take the free PRE Course to experience an eDevLearn Micro-Course and to learn about the Purposes and Responsibilities of Courts and recognize the importance of these as foundations for the entire 13 NACM CORE competencies.