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Working learners don’t have time for full-time, in-person classes, but learning doesn’t stop with a degree. Online continuing education courses and micro learning courses make it easy to earn continuing education credits. From K-12 to higher ed, our subject matter experts help build custom online learning programs.

Learning at all Levels

From K-12 students to business professionals we give every learner access to the tools and programs they need right now.

Affordable and Accessible

On-line continuing education courses make training accessible. Only pay for the micro courses and consulting services you need today.

Lifelong Learning

Learning should never stop. Keep up with rapidly changing industries with efficient online training and targeted micro courses.

Micro-Courses: Transforming Education for Professionals

Learning should be efficient and effective. Forget in-person classes, 15-week courses, and high tuition bills. Targeted online learning gets real results for real professionals.

Micro learning courses quickly teach one focused skill, providing only the most relevant and useful information. They’re just one of the innovative tools and techniques we use to enhance learning and promote knowledge transfer for busy professionals.

eDevLearn: Education Consultants For Your Organization

eDevLearn is an online learning platform for business, higher education, k-12, and other organizations that believe in lifelong learning. We help design and develop online continuing education micro-courses as well as traditional hybrid and online courses and programs.

At eDevLearn we believe in targeted learning. Our consultants work with you to develop a customized, self-paced, online, and on-demand program.

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Micro-Course Plans & Pricing

Plans to meet every need.

Per Class

  • starting price
  • Micro-Course
  • Digital Badge & CLE
  • Online and on-demand
  • Pay when you enroll


  • Per month. Minimum 6 months.
  • Unlimited Micro-Courses
  • Digital Badge & CLE
  • Online and on-demand
  • Pay every 6 months


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  • One year
  • Customized
  • Unlimited Micro-Courses
  • Digital Badge & CLE
  • Online and on-demand

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