eDevLearn builds customized, targeted, and effective online training and development micro-courses for your business, organization, or association.

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eDevLearn gives universities and organizations (international and national) the skills and tools they need to design, develop, and operate quality online and hybrid courses and programs.

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How to develop a curriculum for an online course using eDevLearn’s 6 step process?

Quality Online and Hybrid Learning Experiences

Quality Online and Hybrid Learning Experiences

eDevLearn is a learning and development company.  We build quality online and hybrid learning experiences for organizations, universities, associations, and businesses. Whether we are teaching faculty how to teach online, working with associations or organizations to build and provide training for their constituents, or consulting with universities to assist them in developing and delivering online programming, our focus and expertise is online and hybrid education, training, and development.

If you are a university or organization, we will educate you on developing and delivering quality online and hybrid programs. We will give you the skills to design, build, and operate programs to ultimately run without our help. If you are a company or association, we will customize, develop, and provide online and hybrid training based on the needs of your institution.

Unbundled Services

Faculty Training

eDevLearn trains faculty how to teach online. Whether developing a workshop, a self-paced training course for faculty, or one-on-one faculty training, we have you covered. We recognize that each professor has their distinct way of teaching. It is important to us that courses are unique and incorporate the teaching style of the professor.

Instructional Design

Using the latest educational technologies, eDevLearn creates intuitively designed courses that are easy to navigate, aesthetically appealing, ADA compliant, and adhere to various association standards and requirements (American Bar Association, etc.).

Operations - Administration

eDevLearn recognizes the administrative challenges and unique situations that online and hybrid programming create. We provide universities with solutions to these challenges and to become self sufficient in offering quality online and hybrid programs without the continuous help of third party education companies.

Learning Management System

eDevLearn is familiar with most Learning Management Systems (LMS) on the market. Should your institution need access to a LMS, we can help. Should you require guidance in vetting which LMS is best for your needs, we can help!

Professional Development

Micro-Learning courses quickly teach a focused skill, providing only the most relevant and necessary information. They are online and self-paced. eDevLearn will customize, design, and develop micro-courses for your organization.

Curriculum Development

eDevLearn works with faculty or subject matter experts to design and develop educational content for hybrid and online programs. From gathering information to designing assessment tools, we develop curricula that is targeted, effective, and objective driven.


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